@New Zealand: Love you thousand times (Queenstown Day 3)

The Chair… I’m cool!  The fall here is awesome! It better than  Bungy jumping.

A quarter to seven, we already at the lobby.  Time has come for us to fly with New Zealand Air leaving Queenstown for Christchurch.  But… When the crew from Shotover Canyon Swing came and picked us up from the hotel, we been wondering what is our next challenge going to be?  Miss Claire distribute some forms to be filled in and signed. We realized our next challenge after watching the video  “King of the Swing” played.  So Canyon Swing is our another adrenaline adventure.  This place is only about ten minute drive from town.

Oopss Zara Aluwi… swinging and spinning all the way down strapped into the chair!

The Shotover Canyon Swing is the world’s highest cliff jump.  This time I’m going to swing myself from 109 meters into the scary canyon.  Hope this going to be my last crazy extreme challenge.  We have to walk 400 meters down a little path to the wooden building station.  Everybody being weighed and marked with colored marker pen.  Mine… a crocodile drown on my left hand.

Fear! As we stand on the edge looking down the cliff.  Our team then walked down to the jump platform.  We were given some briefing on the Shotover Canyon Swing challenge before we were brought to the platform.  So everybody gets into harness.  First challenge was the Flips.  Second the Chair.  Third the Cutaway and Forth the Gimp Boy Goes to Hollywood.

The Flips was between James (Team Kairiri) and Uzair (Team Kaitaki).  James managed to do 4 backward flips and Uzair none.  The Chair was between Franly and me.  The challenge was to hold the longest time before falling off and the wining challenge goes to me. Hehehe…  The Backwards Cutaway challenge was between Thenly and Zaid.  Seven ropes to hold a person and questions will be asked.  One question wrong means one rope cut off.  The scale of scariness for this challenge is 5.  Zaid got 4 answers correct and Thenly 2.  We can hear Thenly’s scream the loudest but then he managed to overcome his fears.  The Gimp Boy Goes To Hollywood challenge was between Vincent and Zaid again.  They did the Tandem jumpstyles, hanging backwards.  Once they swoop down, they have to catch the Kiwi fruit that thrown to them.  Both… don’t have the chance to catch the Kiwi fruit.

The guys in blue… you crazy!

Shotover Canyon Swing The world’s highest cliff jump speed of up 150kph as the rocky face rushes past you in a 60m vertical freefall, the ropes then smoothly pendulum you into a giant 200m swing across the famous Shotover River.  It’s an intense, scary but exciting! What a precious experience and I have  nothing to fear now.

Photos – Credit to Swee Ping

Don’t  missed the opportunity to try the canyon swing.  The New Zealand world’s home of bungy and swings.

Tourism New Zealand awesome! Bungy experience… Canyon Swing experience… still not enough.  Now our group were given another amazing and the world’s most exciting Jet boating experience – the Shotover Jet Boat Ride.   Wow… this is the World famous jet boat ride.  A unique breathtaking ride through dramatic, narrow canyons and Queenstown’s only exhilarating full 360 degree spins!  Thanks to Mr Helly Hensen for the spectacular ride of your ‘Big Red Jet Boat’.  It was amazing.

Shotover Jet Boat Ride


This is end of my adventure in the South Island, New Zealand.   New Zealand awesome!  I’ve been there for 6 days and New Zealand is the best.   I love the amazing mountainous scenery, beautiful lakes and lovely people.  I have marvelous adventures and great experience, nothing is a waste of time.  Thanks to @AirAsia and Tourism New Zealand for the great hospitality and great activities.  Thanks to Swee Ping (AirAsia Social Media Team),  Melanie, Fiona and Guy  from Tourism New Zealand,  for the great time.  Lastly, congratulation toTeam Kairiri for winning the AirAsia X Ultimate NZ Action Hero.    All of you awesome!


@New Zealand: Love you thousand times (Queenstown Day 2)

Breakfast at Joe’s Garage.

Joe’s Garage

We were so anxious to know whats our next challenge.  In my mind… bungy jumping! I knew it the moment Eugine rang Uzair asking  if I’m in good health or not.  New Zealand excites me… so I told Uzair, I’m in good condition.  Actually, I’m having hypertension and diabetes.  Bungy Jumping… I just don’t care! I want to do it! I’m sure I can!  Fear? No!

We arrived at Kawarau Bridge.  The world’s Original first bungy.  The historic Kawarau Bridge is home of Bungy pioneers AJ Hackett and Henry van Asch’s first commercial Bungy site.  It was there in 1988 that the Bungy phenomenon began.  43m above the stunning Kawarau River, this Bungy Jump is still the most popular Bungy in New Zealand.

Kawarau Bungy Centre

The moment we step into the Kawarau Bungy Centre… we knew  there will be the ultimate Queenstown challenge.  That is Bungy Jumping! Argh!!!! my heart suddenly down… from brave women to nervous.  As we walked in, I try to comfort myself.  Be cool… be cool! I’ve never been opposed to bungy jumping.

Jumping on the trampoline is one of the good exercise

As for today’s challenge… we have the trampoline flips, the horizontal bungy and the tandem bungy.   The challenge begin with one person of each team member, to do 5 flips of trampoline flips.   When complete he needs to run to their other team members and tagged.  The next team member to do other challenge.  Its either the horizontal bungy – which one person is tied on the bungy rope and have to run forward to grab 4 items laid down, OR the tandem bungy where 2 team members will be strapped together and need to jump off the magnificent Kawarau Bridge which is 43metres high and once they have completed all the challenge – they have to run to the assigned finish line and grabbed the T-shirts prepared by the AJ Hackett Bungy team.

Kate (blonde hair) giving instructions and spirits (Luv you Kate)

Kawarau River

The first challenge was between Uzair (Team Kaitaki) & Vincent (Team Kairiri). When Uzair tagged me and Zaid… both of us quickly ran and get ourselves ready for the tandem bungy.  Hey… you know what happened?  My nervous gone!  I’m sure Swee Ping, Fiona, Melanie, Guy especially and all members of the 2 team will focus on me hehehe… Yes! We ready at the count of go!  Zaid and Me jumped off the platform.  This is my most unforgettable extreme challenge.  I scream of course! All the way down.  So I have proved… old does not mean you can’t do it!

Get ready for Tandem Bungy – Zaid and me.


The bungy jumping swings us hanging high above the River Kawarau like spring up and down.

These daring souls share the adrenaline rush

We did it!

This not done yet! I have to climb the cliff up to the finishing line.  I am out of breath…  Fuuhhh! Thanks Fiona…she walks me up, giving me courage and comfort me.  I’m really out of breath due to blockage of airflow in my trachea.  Not because of the jumping but… climbing up the cliffs.

AJ Hackett awesome! Thanks for the T-shirt

The team in AJ Hackett Bungy offering those who don’t have the chance to do the bungy jumping… to do the jumping.  So why not?  Take the challenge boys!  This is your only opportunity to do the bungy jumping @ KAWARAU Bridge.  Many of them faced their fear by taking up the offer.

Uzair… taking up the offer

Take the challenge Thenly…

Vincent… he did it.

She didn’t move at all… everyone thought she went unconscious.

That was our bravest experience that we all never forget. It so remarkable! This going to be the best activities ever done.  We all safe and still in good shape.  Thanks to AJ Hackett Bungy  for the friendly and professional service.  Experience Bungy Jumping @ Kawarau Bridge… I will never forget.  Wow… I got certificate! Well… we have to bid everyone in AJ Hackett Bungy goodbye.

We reached Queenstown at 3.00. It takes half hour to get back from Kawarau Bridge to Novotel Hotel. This time we are heading to Walter Peak High country Farm. It just a walk distance to the Waterfront. Everyone got  their own lunch.  We boarded into a boat to Walter Peak High Country Farm.  I’m sure this going to be our next challenge.

Waterfront, Queenstown

Walter Peak High Country Farm

We were greeted by Tom & Peter from Walter Peak High Country Farm.  Tom’s best friends…  Meg and Bess greeted us too.  Meg and Bess (smart d0g) short-haired Border Collie.  The border collie was trained to move sheep by eye contact without barking.  Sorry… I don’t want to have eye contact with you Meg.  You too Bess.  Please don’t come near me.


Credits to Swee Ping

Our first challenge was sheep herding.  Mr Tom shows us on how to blow a whistle.   I never manage to make any whistle sound.  Guess what? Only my saliva comes out.  Hehehe… sorry.

Sheep herding!  Sounds simple but everyone having  hard time chasing after the sheep.  This really fun and fills with humor.  My job… just get ready to open the gate and let the colored green’s sheep in.  The New Zealand sheep really smart!  And they can do high jumping.  I presume… they can do Bungy as well hehehe…

After herding sheep, we have another challenge.  Making pancake or in New Zealand they called it Pikelet.  Suppose, it easy for me.  I have been making pancake several time before.  But I failed my team.  I forgotten that I was in a race.   You want to know why?  Emm… I want my pancake (pikelet) texture small, thin layered and crispy edging.  I like it that way.  But the judges prefer thick, fluffy and follow the original size.  So the winner goes to team KAIRIRI.

Pikelet challenge

The judges

Zaid and Frenly

3.30pm we sailed back to The Waterfront.