Feeq you are obviously a very talented photographer!


First time met Feeq (Muhammad Firdaus Bin Hasmuni) when we gathered at the Kopitiam Skypark, Subang for the MY SELANGOR STORY BLOGGERS COMPETITION 2010.  He is quite an incessant talker but not really.  He is good at talking.  I have no doubt about that.  He is friendly and always with a smile.  He is not that kinda person who fails to give one smile.

FireflyAirlines t-shirt No. 10 that’s him.

I like his style when his hand gets up high and shoot down on the object and shoot up.

There goes the cute style…

So Feeq… Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will…


I want to fly with Firefly…

This contest from Feeqsays and Firefly Airlines. Hope i be selected. Anyone who wants to join this contest please login -  http://www.feeqsays.com/2010/12/fly-with-firefly-airlines-airline.html

By looking at the picture from when I first met during MY SELANGOR STORY BLOGGERS COMPETITION reminds me the friendly smile of the Firefly Airline staff that I could never forget.

After hearing the beautiful moment that my friends from Indonesia and Singapore experienced,  I’m then wish to have that momentum too.  I want to fly to Sabah with Firefly Airlines.

Sabah Map

The first thing I want to do is climbing the 13,435 feet (4095 meters) Mount Kinabalu above sea level.    To be up there really a  breathtaking.   I know I can’t do it but my son always says if the Japanese old lady can do… you too can do it! So I must take the challange.

Mount Kinabalu

While taking my breath away, I want to rest at the Penampang River.  There are many traditional buildings that make up the Monsopiad Cultural village.  A living museum located 16 km or about half an hour away from the Kota Kinabalu City Centre.  Monsopiad was a fearsome warrior who lived in the village of Kuai nearly 200 years ago.

Monsopaid Cultural Village

I love the beauty of untapped nature, cool and greeny forest.  The Mari Mari Cultural Village is the best place.  The village is situated in Kionsom, Inanam which 25 minutes away from the hustling and bustling city.  This place may remind us of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Lost World”.

Mari Mari Cultural Village

Next visit be the Kinabalu National Park.  It is is located some 2 hours from Kota Kinabalu and one of the oldest tropical forest in the world.  The home to numerous species of interesting flora & fauna.  Wish I could explore the nature which has been preserved since it was make a national heritage.   And I want to see myself the beautiful Rafflesia.


The fifth place, the popular tourist destination in the city of Kota Kinabalu – the Filipino Night  Market.  It is a market-like shopping paradise with a maze of stalls within. I would love to go there.

The ‘sompoton’
A local instrument very popular among the Dusun/Kadazan

The dried seahorses.

They are expensive.  My late grandma said its good for health.  But I’m not too sure how it works.

Hopefully, I be the selected one.  So my dream to fly with Firefly Airlines comes true…