Alia having allergies problem

My 11 month grand daughter having diarrhea and slight fever for 3 days.  According to Alia’s doctor… Some babies may become lactose intolerant during diarrhea and in these cases it is advisable to avoid any milk products.  So the doctor suggested my grandchild to drink Similac LF (Lactose Free) by Abbott Laboratories. It is for baby age 0-12 months who having an allergies problem.  But I don’t think Alia has an allergic to cow’s milk protein.  But since she is teething I am really not sure what is the real thing.

Similac LF

I always give her a warm bath but this time I let her sit in it for a while. This will help with the irritation.  I use Candacort cream with every diaper change.  While the problem is ongoing I stop giving her meal.  I hope she gets a quick recovery.