Can you paint with your tongue?

Huang Erh-nan painted with his tongue

A celebrated Chinese artist of the 1920′s Huang Erh-nan, painted lotus flowers and butterflies on silk.  But it was not the subject matter of his art that made.  Huang so unbelievable, it was his technique.  Huang Erh-nan used his tongue as a paint brush, and his mouth as the receptacle for black ink.

The Peking artist first filled his maw with the thick ink Oriental artists prefer for their finest work.  Then he leaned over the fine silk cloth he had stretched out on a table, and brushed in his paintings – paintings noted for their delicacy and charm.

My water color painting

For a start Im using one color – black


It has been longed, I left my painting.  Im about to start painting again after a long break.  Hopefully, this won’t stop.   Whatever, I still need to learn more about watercolour painting techniques for the very first time.  Im still not good at it.  But I love shades drawing.